Computer Science


Steganography is pretty fun. It’s not a secure, safe discipline when you want to actually transmit data securely through an insecure channel, but it’s fun to play around with. A feature of steganography, if implemented properly, is that it’s nearly impossible to prove that you actually transmitted that secret data – unlike cryptography, where it’s easier to check you have a plaintext. Here is a list of all of my steganography posts:


I love to play with music and discover its relationship to mathematics. Here is a list of posts regarding music and computer software.


I absolutely love using algorithms to generate images. It’s a visual reminder on how intricate and beautiful the structure of mathematics can be. This is a list of algorithms that can be used in a way or another to create something visual.

Game Design

These are all posts related to game design in one way or another. They describe algorithms and procedures that are essential in the creation of certain video game titles.


This is a collection of all the posts, I couldn’t find space for anywhere else.

Introduction to Programming

I’m currently writing the following series, which teaches programming completely from scratch. It’s more theoretical than most other tutorials, I’ve seen, but that’s only an advantage as far as I see it. I absolutely despise tutorials, where they explain how to do something instead of why we do them. Following is a list of all posts, I’ve published so far in chronological order:


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