Sample of the DELTA Library

The DELTA library

If you look through my blog, you’ll find posts where I detail an algorithm for making fractals, or other visually appealing animations/images. To aid myself in the future, I have written a library for Java8 which contains some nice classes and operations for manipulating colors and images.

You can take a look at it at its GitHub page (contains a, though I will detail with the library with further scrutiny on this blog at some point in the future (studying is keeping me busy atm):

Often when making single images, there are some dimensions you can change to produce animations. I thought two previous posts were especially suitable for this, so I have made two very nice animations, imo:

Newton Fractals

The biggest problem with animating this fractal, was that I lost the information about which root was assigned which colors when slighting altering the parameters of the polynomials. Instead, using DELTA I have colored each root r_0 using HSV colors with hue proportional to the argument \mathrm{arg}(r_0) and the number of iterations it took for the point to converge – and saturation/value decreased with increasing magnitude |r_0|.

Regex Fractals

Here, the hue is proportional to the edit distance and the time t, and saturation/value inversely proportional to only the edit distance.

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