Ludum Dare 34


I was convinced by some of my friends to participate in this year’s Ludum Dare. If you’re unfamiliar with the concepts, it’s a game jam – so you have to develop a video game from start to finish in a very limited time frame. In this case, we had 72 hours to develop our idea.

We chose to go with the theme “2 Button Controls” (this year had two possible themes) and developed a simple arcade fighting game à la Street Fighter. I did most of the programming, and my friend Thomas did the graphics, audio and design of the project. I’m very pleased with the result, it is the first game I have started in Unity that I’ve actually finished – most likely because of the short time span.

The code is unstructured, disorganized, fragmented and written pretty poorly. But it has go fast when you’re a jam – it’s not so much about creating the perfect piece of code art, it’s about getting shit done and getting it done fast. I had a lot of fun with this, and will definitely be participating in future jams.

Ludum Dare link:

Play online (requires Unity WebPlayer):

Download as executable (.exe):

Source code (Unity project):

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