An Unfinished Game I Made a Long Time Ago

Before I started this blog I was working on a robot fighting game in Flash. Basically, there is an arena and robots for each player. You customize your own bot using a certain combination of tiles. A tile is just a powerup – it might make your bullets larger, make the flamey etc. (some tiles have a penalty of increased mana cost).

That’s right, you also have “mana” – or enery, as I’d prefer it. The robots have to get charged once in a while, right? Certain additions to the bots make them expend more energy.

The key idea was customization. You could even change the colour and the name of robots to your liking!

I made this game on my old MacBook (I have an ASUS now), which unfortunately broke. However, I thought I had backed up the latest version of the flash file, but it turns out it was really an old one. I didn’t bother tinkering with such an old version of it, seeing as I had spent months after this getting it improved – my motivation was a bit lost.

Fortunately, I had uploaded the .swf of the latest FLA version to the online Flash portal Newgrounds.



There are a few bugs, though. First of all (and most importantly) is the fact that the version uploaded is a debugging version. I was simply testing the zombie mode, but had not yet made lives. So you can’t die. There are waves of zombies, and they never stop because you quite literally have infinite lives. Soo yeah…

The original objective is still there – kill each other, and friendly fire (or whatever you might call it) is very much activated – shooting each other will hurt them. So technically if you can kill the other players, you get a point – first to three wins and the game exists.

But debugging the zombies overrides this, so no one gets points and it continues indefinitely, sadly 😦

Still, I’m happy with how it turned out, and I might consider remaking the entire game (from the current, old FLA, I have) if people want me to.


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