ASCII Bot Converter

This post is in a way an update to the post I made regarding converting gifs to their ASCII representation.


In this post, however I have made a few tweaks. In fact, I have updated the entire source code (rewritten it). In principle it works in the exact same way, but I have precomputed the density values for all of the characters. I did this manually in photoshop from the following image (the font is Courier):

But the new major update is that I’ve made it reddit-compatible. That is, I have made it do the following:

  • It downloads all .gifs from /hot in a given subreddit
  • Converts all of these gifs to ASCII
  • Uploads them to the image-hosting service Imgur
  • Submits the links to another subreddit

It has some compatibilities, namely:

The full source code is available at this project’s GitHub page. It mostly works, but sometimes there are some errors when uploading to Imgur, which stall the bot sometimes. I have even created a subreddit specifically for this bot, /r/ASCIIConvertBot, but I’m currently having some issues uploading from my bot (it doesn’t have enough reddit karma for reddit to trust the bot spamming the subreddit). If it’s too much of a hassle to compile it, just grab the executable asciiconvertbot.jar from the GitHub page and run it like this:


Don’t include the /r/ when writing the names of the subreddits. So an example might be:

java -jar asciiconvertbot.jar gifs ASCIIConvertBot testaccount 123456

I had a lot of fun writing this bot, and I’ll get around to fixing some of the minor bugs eventually. I’ll probably not make a new post on this blog, but keep updated on my GitHub page if you’re interested.


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