Canon Generator

I’ve managed to design a program that, based on a seed, generates a three-track canon song that actually sounds good. The trick here is that each of the three tracks have to beexactly the same – however, track two and track three are offset by a constant amount of notes.

A demonstration of this can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube, playing the seed ‘IgnatieffSC’ over a C major scale. (The first 200 notes are generated and exported using GarageBand):

SoundCloud link:

The program itself doesn’t have a GUI, but rather a series of inputboxes. It exports directly to .mid audio format. Oh, and here’s a cool picture I made to help sell my idea to people around on the internet:

Here’s a nifty download link if you wanna try it out for yourself:

Download link (canon-generator.jar):

SHA-256: a4c08c7b8f01891c18082e4dac266780dcb53d8717451e7bc8d804df8f2c59c4
VirusTotal scan:


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