Mathemusica v1.02

So, I’ve begun developing a program which I call Mathemusica. What it does, in a nutshell, is making music out of equations. Yes, you heard me – music from equations.
Using the function value f(x), it assigns a musical note from a chosen scale and well… makes music.
It’s taken me roughly a week at current point to develop this.

Here’s an image of the GUI to show you what it looks like:

The program is developed in Java and is automatically cross-platform for this reason.
Some time soon I’ll release a technical summary of the program, but for now, I’m just releasing it.

If you want a sample of what this program’s able to offer, here’s a fun function I found while making this:


I also have a YouTube video of the program (although it’s synthesized using v1.0.0, it’s still valid):

Although I’ve worked intensely on this for the past week, I haven’t made everything myself. Actually I’ve used two external libraries, namely “exp4j-0.3.01.jar” and “JSyn-beta-16.5.14.jar”. Here’s a link to the two developer’s websites:

And here’s a download link, if for any reason you’re interested in trying it out:

Download Information

SHA256: 6397bd466a516692b7bd4c579dada4ff430dd751ec3957323722e07a55e69d53

Download Link

For archive’s sake, I’ve released the previous two versions of the program. They do not support the current .mmx-format, but instead .mm, which is a different file-format, which is deprecated:



I’ll keep working on this project for as long as I find it interesting.


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