Disclaimer: The programs linked to in this blog post may be detected as a virus by one or more anti-virus programs. If this scares you, don’t download them. Thank you.

A little time ago, I discovered Hackforums and quickly stumbled upon the concept of ‘crypters’.
To those of you who don’t know, essentially crypters are programs that encrypt the binary data of an .exe file, as to avoid detection by anti-virus vendors.

After figuring out what a crypter was, I decided to challenge myself and make my own crypter. The first one I made was horrific. It was detected by approx. 10 anti-virus vendors and this one guy from Hackforums was able to crack it in less than 10 minutes.

Not letting myself down, I decided to repeat the experiment. This time I was more successful. Not only was it less hard on the file size, it was only detected by a single anti-virus vendor (AntiVir). I have not uploaded this one to Hackforums – not sure why.

Download link:


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