AIU People Tracker v0.03 BETA

So, I managed to complete 0.03BETA, albeit 2 days overdue. Anyhow, here’s the changelog:


  • Fixed an error, that prevented the following countries from browsing more than the initial page:
    • United States
    • Denmark
    • Norway
  • Fixed an error, that made it possible to run more than one thread.


  • Changed the messaging system a little bit.
  • Added the following countries:
    • Finland
    • Sweden
  • Removed cross-checking for Denmark
  • Improved probability-calculation
There were problems adding UK to the list, so I’ll maybe do that before the next update.
Also, I forgot all about Iceland — it’ll have to wait until 0.05BETA.

Download link:

And for the paranoid few:



Things I’ll add before the next update:

  • Add the following countries:
    • Germany
    • France
    • UK*
*Will only be added if I can make it work; UK’s a bitch

Random information

  • AIUPT contains 1610 lines.
  • This update took ~6 hours

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