Incendium – Troubleshooting


PLEASE NOTE: Incendium was developed and tested for Google Chrome. If some features don’t work as intended, this may be because you’re using a different browser. On my PC, certain features don’t work in Firefox and Internet Explorer (other browsers not tested). 

Too slow?

If Incendium is lagging very much on your computer, it is probably because the settings are turned up too much. Try turning down the following resource-heavy settings (listed by approximate load on the system):

  1. Fractal depth – This is by far the setting that causes the most problems. Incrementing fractal depth will make Incendium run at least 3x as slow.
  2. Blending mode – Some blending modes take a lot of resources to run, try setting the blending mode to “Normal” if this causes you problems.
  3. Polygon degree – Can also make the application run pretty slow if turned up too much, but it’s not a problem if fractal depth is sufficiently low.
  4. Tracers – Tracers are pretty heavy to calculate, so if you’re having problems, try turning it off. Please note: It is not heavier on the system to have more tracers; it is equally heavy to have a little bit of tracers as a lot of tracers.

The remaining settings have little to no effect on the total system load. If you still can’t run Incendium after adjusting the settings, your computer might be too slow.


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