Incendium now in HTML5


Screenshot of Incendium for HTML5

I have recently developed a program in Java for creating fractal animations, which I decided to call Incendium. I like Java, it’s a really robust language, but it has its drawbacks. Java applets are, due to security restrictions, not often allowed in web browsers. Chrome, most notably, has recently decided to out-phase NPAPI support, thus effectively removing support for Java by late 2015. Java applets are also notoriously clunky and ugly to use (they don’t have that Web 2.0 vibe). Therefore, I decided to completely rewrite the Incendium engine in JavaScript, and make a GUI using HTML5. You can see the end result at the following link:

The HTML5 version has some different features than the Java version. Most notably:

  • No support for .WEBM export (though it supports screenshots, using Right click > Save image as…)
  • No saving/loading configurations.
  • Less color customization.
  • Fixed polygon degree.
  • Can’t write rotation and size_decay as functions of t anymore.
  • Is generally slower than the Java version.
  • Runs smooth, rather than frame-by-frame (like the Java version did).
  • Added tracers.
  • Added the possibility to change blending mode.
  • Intuitive controls
  • Runs in a browser

Regardless of the fact that this version lacks some features, I still think it’s amazing. Hope you’ll enjoy this program as much as I did developing it 🙂


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